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Organix is a Colorado organization dedicated to providing the highest-quality cannabis products and services in a safe, secure, and professionally managed environment.

Safe Access

We encourage safe and responsible consumption of cannabis, which includes selecting the appropriate dose and product type. Our mission is to educate patients and adult users on all aspects of legally consuming cannabis within Colorado.


We strive to become an integral member of our local community. We believe our success is directly related to the relationships we build with our community leaders and the respect we earn from our neighbors.


Cannabis is an effective medicine for many patients, including those who cannot afford it. Our goal is to promote sustainable treatment plans for our patients by offering a wide variety of cannabis products at affordable prices.


Organix Retail and Medical Cannabis Store 1 Organix Retail and Medical Cannabis Store 2
1795 Airport Rd. map
Organix Retail and Medical Cannabis Store 3
Organix Retail and Medical Cannabis Store 4

Our Commitment

Commitment to the Community

Organix is committed to being a good neighbor and a valued member of the Breckenridge community. We promise to:

  • Prioritize patient access and need
  • Ensure that our management and staff lead by example, maintaining a professional appearance and attitude
  • Strictly adhere to state and local regulations and codes
  • Keep our storefront and premises safe and secure for our customers and our neighbors

Commitment to Quality

Organix is committed to high-quality, sustainable cultivation practices to provide a wide range of products suitable for both patients and adult use consumers. We strive to:

  • Ensure product and public safety
  • Produce consistent and predictable yields based on accepted science
  • Source high-quality products from trusted partners in the Colorado cannabis network